Safety Tips

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Though elevators are one of the safest forms of transportation, following simple guidelines can help further improve passenger safety. It’s important to not only know how to properly ride elevators, but also what to do if the elevator becomes stalled.

When Waiting for Elevators:

  • Know Your Destination.
  • Push the Elevator Call Button Once for the Direction You Want to Go In.
  • Look and Listen for the Signal Announcing Your car’s Arrival.
  • Be Aware of Health Conditions that Could Contribute to Falls or Accidents.
  • Stand Clear of the Elevator Doors and Stand Aside for Exiting Passengers.
  • If the Arriving Car is Full, Wait for the Next Car.
  • Don’t Attempt to Maneuver in or Stop Closing Doors, Wait for the Next Car.
  • In the Event of a Fire or Other Situation that Could lead to a Disruption in Electrical Services, Take the Stairs.

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